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Model: M02087
(t)here magazine is dedicated to creating content that is neither edited or editorialized. It is a museum book that provides an advertising free flow of original artistic content from beginning to end...
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Model: M00018
032c magazine is a contemporary culture magazine that fiercely believes in the intelligence of its readers, and rises to the challenge of surprising them. Published twice a year, it is both timely and timeless-a celebration of and for the most cutting-edge in art, culture, and fashion. Finding the n..
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Model: M00019
10 Magazine is an aspirational luxury and beauty magazine for women from UK. This is a magazine that provides a voice for fashion journalism as it provides an environment for the fashion industry's most creative photographers and writers to evolve, express and display their ideas. You will find the ..
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Model: M00020
10 Men Magazine is a men fashion magazine from UK features interviews and profiles of international fashion designers, each accompanied by dozens of color and B&W photographs. It's one of the most sought after men's fashion magazine published today...
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Model: M00021
125 magazine acts as a completely unbiased photography gallery, open to both emerging and established artists, and making affordable art available to all. It is a unique visual compendium of new ideas in photography, fashion, art and culture. It is the only magazine in the world to act as a complete..
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Model: M00023
18 Karati Gold & Fashion Magazine is full of page after page of beautiful and gorgeous jewelry designs from top Italian jewelry designers and manufacturers. Design direction, latest trends in precious metals, gemstones, technicals, trade shows, market watch are the key aspects covered in deta..
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Model: M00022
18 Karati Export Magazine has comprehensive coverage and information on all aspects of jewelry and manufacturers. Full of beautiful latest designs from the Italian manufactures, technical aspects, trends in precious metals, gems and precious stones in world jewelry market. A must have for jewelr..
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Model: M00024
200% UK offers a new insight into creative, passionate people. 200% delves into the motivation of these people and their total commitment and dedication to their work. Extensive interviews with people working in the creative fields of art, music, fashion and film...
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Model: M00025
25 Beautiful Homes is designed for women with traditional tastes and a sense of personal style, who aspire to their dream house and enjoy looking at other people's homes, designs and styles for inspiration. Celebrating the UK's love of home interiors is the passion of 25 Beautiful Homes. Full of dec..
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